This incredible newborn session had it all – glorious light, beautiful parents, adorable baby and so many lovely hand-knitted heirloom items to include in their images it made me swoon! Sweet little Evangeline was a package of perfection all wrapped up in the same blanket that her mummy was brought home from hospital in. I always love including wraps and outfits which have been handed down the generations. They provide such an important link down the family tree to past family members.

As a parent, I could relate all to well to hearing upon my arrival “I’m not camera ready yet and I’m functioning on just 3 hours of sleep”… “so handy that we’re doing this at home then” was my reply. With everything at her fingertips, Virginia was able to transform into an absolute vision (she already was a vision of beauty, even in a sleep deprived state!) while we got some gorgeous shots with just Michael and his little treasure. The 3 of us then related to all things baby, laughed til there were tears, and marvelled at the perfection in this new little life! They are only this tiny once – capture it while you can!