Kylie and I have known each other for over 10 years, so it was an absolute privilege to be the photographer at her wedding! So much of this day was a DIY brides dream, and Kylie’s attention to detail meant that everything was styled to perfection – she even made the bouquets herself! The ceremony was a small intimate affair at the delightful Gledswood Homestead with their families and closest friends. The beautiful bridal party consisted of Kylie and Jarrods 2 children, Jarrod’s 4 siblings and Kylie’s 3 closest friends.

After the formalities, we made our way through the picturesque gardens at Gledswood Homestead for some photos as the sun set over the hills. The surrounding gardens worked wonders as a backdrop for this seriously loved up couple and the antics that they shared with the bridal party. As the light disappeared, we made our way back up to the Bridal Room for some refreshments before the newlyweds made their grand entrance to the wedding reception.

The reception was so beautiful and laid back, and yes we found time to sneak into the gardens for some customary night shots with the flash. As usual, Gledswood Homestead did not disappoint! The food was amazing, gardens beautiful even at night, and the friendliest staff around! As the evening got into full swing and the formalities we out of the way, the party really got going. With 4 siblings in the bridal party, it was hardly surprising that the groomsmen ended up shirtless and some rather epic dance moves followed – they even mastered THAT scene from Dirty Dancing!

Thank you so much Jarrod and Kylie! It was such a blessing to be both guest and photographer at your beautiful wedding. Wishing you every happiness on your journey through marriage!

Vendor Details

Venue: Gledswood Homestead Weddings // Celebrant + MC + Live Music: David Newman // Dresses: Calabro Bridal Wear // Rings: The Little Workshop Picton // Cake: Rachel’s Cakes // Decorations & Flowers made by the bride and relatives