This adorable couple met through Tinder – this was one very lucky swipe right for both of them! From their first meeting onwards, they were inseparable. There was just something that felt so right for them both. Fast forward to now, and they are celebrating their marriage!

The weather on their wedding day was far from ideal. Mother Nature could not decide if she wanted sunshine or showers, so she gave us both. Just minutes before the bride arrived, we were rewarded with the most vibrant rainbow, spanning the whole of Sydney Harbour! Moments later, the rain appeared, just as Melanie arrived at the ceremony! A little shower wasn’t able to dampen their love for one another, and despite the grey wet day, this couple absolutely glowed!

After the ceremony, we set off to explore the area of Yurulbin Park at Birchgrove and see what magical-after-rain-light we could find before heading off to join the guests at Grappa Restaurant where their reception was held. It was the most wonderful evening that they celebrated with their nearest and dearest with incredible food, emotion-filled speeches, and some of the most epic dance moves known to man!

Thanks so much Michael and Melanie for allowing me to be part of your amazing day!