Photographing the Hardman Family was a BUZZ


I always get chills of sheer excitement when another photographer contacts me to request that I take their family photos! This is the biggest compliment that we as creatives can get! Marie and I first met at a photographers conference back in 2016 and we became friends, enjoying catch-ups over the years that passed. It was so lovely to hear from her when she wanted to have her yearly family session with me.

We decided on Paddington Reservoir Gardens as our backdrop. It has such a wonderful mix of greenery and urban. It was an extremely crowded Saturday afternoon that we explored the surrounds and all it’s history. I’m so lucky to be skilled at photoshop in order to remove the hords of other visitors who randomly appeared in the background.

The weather turned on a spectacular performance that afternoon. The boys soaked up every ounce of love showered upon them and Marie and Craig floated about in a little love bubble as they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary! Such an amazing milestone to share with them.