Just an hour out from the start of our session, I get a phone call from a very frantic mamma. Kim proceeds to tell me that their little guy hasn’t had a nap and will possibly be very uncooperative. I tell her not to worry and that I hear this all the time. We meet for our session, the kids absolutely nail the play aspect of my sessions, and as we say goodbye after the session wraps up, I reassure Bill and Kim that it went really well and I got so many lovely moments between the 4 of them.

I get home and instantly download the images to backup and I am just blown away by how well their family session went! You see, despite the kids skipping their naps, they had the opportunity to just play and be themselves, which is what they naturally excel at doing, and it totally distracted them from any inkling of feeling tired! Little people were not made to sit still or pose for photographs, and THAT is why I have play based sessions! I love capturing their little giggling faces as their dad spins them round and round, or when mum hoists them into the air and brings them back down for a kiss! No expectations to “just behave” or “smile for the camera”, just capturing their little personalities and individuality!

Thank you so much Buchanan Family for coming out for a gorgeous afternoon of play!