A beautifully intimate wedding day for these two soul mates!


This lovely pair met through church and that’s where Jega proposed to Elise on her birthday with a beautiful setup of rose petals and candles to surprise her with.

Earlier this year, we got together for an engagement session at one of my favourite local beaches, which tied in nicely to their beach wedding. 

Their wedding day was one of the hottest I can remember! We all melted in the intense heat and everyone was especially grateful to reach the wedding reception and take in the glorious relief of airconditioning. The love and immense joy surrounding Jega and Elise was such a beautiful thing to witness. Friends and family pitched in to help with all that they could – cake, hair and makeup. It was delightful watching two families join as one!

Their day wrapped up with a trip down to the beach so that everyone could cool off and let loose. They cuddled, strolled and splashed in the water, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze and fun celebrating the start of married life!


Wedding Vendor Details

Venue : Sublime Point // Flowers : Flower Bud // Cars : Classic Car Company